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    Today, department stores have made ??it clear that you can achieve large-scale micro-channel payment of goods this year , to " please " gradually grow into the main consumer of 80, 90 groups.Since 2000 after the rapid development of the Chinese mainland market up, especially the 2008 financial crisis devastated the global luxury market , from various luxury goods companies are afraid to ignore the importance of the Chinese market." Du Yanhong believes that retailers rely on the store to enhance the customer experience , consumers can lower the price promotion , Cash now take no logistics time delay. louis vuitton yel bag However , Century purchased on-line and did not cause a greater impact in the industry , but was overwhelmed overwhelming online store .

    Taobao University recently released data show : electricity supplier industry talent gap in the next three years will reach 445. louis vuitton surya xl bag The cross-industry talent is hard to find , understand the internet do not understand traditional retail , understand the internet traditional retailing.Investment Advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yan Hong in the "Daily Economic News" reporter said , adding the line retailing this feast , on the one hand to deal with electricity supplier in the " madness " promotion actions after November 11 , is a clear competitive behavior ; hand can also be cooperation with its online e-commerce , both online and offline , to achieve the purpose of enhancing performance." Fujian Putian Power Investment Management Corporation CEO Zou said in an interview , said: " Shoes electricity supplier biggest problem is not to try to buy a pair of shoes plans O2O (ONLINETOOFFLINE) strategy , combining online and offline phasor to intensive.

    Trading Company Group has started operations , the formation of the new century has begun to purchase goods from the mining team , build new supply chain channels. louis vuitton leard In the first half of last year, Yonghui supermarket operators of high-end electronic business website fresh "half the sky " on the low-key line, however , less than 2 months after the operator , but also quietly off the assembly line .Swiss watches , for example, critics and even the number of open stores in China as an indicator to analyze the Richemont Group, many high-end watch brands , those open fewer stores in China have been included in the " out who " list Although a similar argument proved funny taste with , but generally with the facts , or more scientific studies met .

    Lee Yun Yang said that the electricity supplier and the store merchandise must dislocation management , so as to display their strengths .Similarly, the electricity supplier development is also facing new challenges , there are also a constant purification, continue to regulate , maturing process. louis vuitton xl handbag However, with the purchase of a high-profile recruit century , this century is no longer purchased three years ago, New Century Department Store online store purchased a century .According to his disclosure , Jingdong has 50 million mobile users, mobile terminals orders accounted for 10% of the whole , but because of customer price lower than the PC side , moving to end sales accounted for only about 6% of the whole .The beginning of this century, we use three-year term of protection granted by WTO , many chain distribution everywhere in the country , seize prime locations to speed the development of about 50% , resulting in an increase of rent-seeking costs, increasing friction costs, management control , the field collapse shop rate rise until after 2008 , began to shrink adjusted to specification.Mobile Innovation Division, responsible to justice Luan said yesterday Eslite will enhance customer service on the phone to communicate with the user in APP product details page , for example, using a variety of formats , such as text , voice and images to help consumers buy , the next single .

    Not only directly affect the image of electricity providers , but also to some extent the detriment of consumers .Establish and improve in order to safeguard the interests of consumers as the core, to ensure product safety , focusing on respect for the laws of the market , streamline operational procedures , norms return system , strict quality control , so that consumers can get their favorite products in a timely manner , norms shop management system to strengthen returned goods , and earnestly safeguard the interests of consumers , promote e-commerce healthy, orderly and steady development . louis vuitton xl handbag Consumers in line to see a pair of shoes , by positioning the search system on the phone , find the nearest store to buy a pair of shoes to experience and then to the store to see the finished product , choose a color , then try a good size, on the spot by the next IPAD single , the first two days can be mailed to the home.In recent years , shopping hot , hot city complex , whether it is in many cities tier , second-tier cities , or three lines, four lines on the big cities are fast , according to statistics, by the end of 2011 amounted to only shopping center construction area 177 million square meters , nearly 50 percent less than in investment .Some scholars lamented that China is only 3-5 years of existence the department store space until the beginning of this century out of the shadows , ushered in Chinese new spring merchandise .The rise of online shopping , we must learn from other formats in the country through the introduction and development of roads, including useful lessons and unnecessary mistakes and avoid over-expansion , vicious competition brought about unnecessary losses.


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